Decoration Of My Sweet Home

I always dreamed of decorating and organizing my own home. I moved into my new home in Austin in December 2020 and have since been designing and curating the home to match my vision.

From the bedroom to the bathroom every corner of my house defines my choice and taste that feels like heaven to me. Whatever I planned everything was thought out – all the little details – to make my home as efficient and easy to live in as possible,” It was important for me to have a large kitchen, with lots of storage. I wanted a place to gather.”
Choosing the perfect color combination for your home is very important for its beauty. I preferred white color with a combination of warm colors that I like my whole life this color combination gives brightness to my home and looks so peaceful although managing light colors are very difficult to handle but I am doing it perfectly that’s what I love.
With choosing a white color I wanted everything to be inviting and comfortable And also considered everything is washable and comfortable and kid-friendly, even though it’s white.”



My master bedroom

The best and most important part of my home is my bedroom I kept it bright with a white color combination of the room mixing some warm colors. From this beautiful bed that I ordered from Wayfair, it took some time for I’m ship but the waiting was worth its exactly what I wanted for my bedroom I love blank, board, and batten walls and have just about every wall in the house covered with them – our room is one of the very few places with a piece of wall decor. I find the simplicity to be super calming and it helps me feel like the house is not cluttered and it gives clean smooth sight.

I wanted a large kitchen with a lot of space and storage we had and an island countertop attached to the sink is the place where mostly cutting and mixing is done hood and hob are all my favorites from Wayfair and much more things I will share details soon.

This is the main place where we get together for meals and all-day discussions so I made it more comfortable by adding a dining table set with a sofa the beautiful
 lights above from Wayfair give a very vibrant look to the dining room for giving a warm tone to my dining room I added this beautiful center rug.

The most useful and busy place of our house is this living room to keep it more comfortable and alive I chose this beautiful sofa Avalon Upholstered Sofa from Wayfair. For the center table, I chose a table that is not too big but looks very beautiful with that stool I wanted a small table but a sophisticated one. I keep adding new things to my home to keep make it more interesting and alive because home is the place where we never get enough.

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