About me

Hey, it’s me, Jenny Marcoo! All my followers are aware of how much I am into home décor and not only am I home décor obsessed but also a fashion freak! I love rearranging, organizing, and setting different corners of my home with fun colors and styling them uniquely! I am from Hawaii but was born and raised in Austin, USA. I love exploring new clothes stores, décor stores ad everything related to beauty and home! And I have created this blog to tell you guys about the stores I am exploring! I was not sure that I would be loved and appreciated for my décor and fashion skills on my blog until you guys showed me immense love and support! I also love exploring new places and countries to get the experience of culture and people around the globe! A lot of people ask me the reason of me being fit and healthy after eating so much junk food so the secret is surely the gym I do not skip my gym time even if I am on vacation and on a tour I make sure to search for a good gym and go there at least for 1/2 hour! Staying fit and healthy is my first priority! Stay tuned to know the secret to make your home classy and making yourself pretty!!!